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Here at Eamonn & Co, we provide an extensive due diligence process whereby we examine the property thoroughly, giving an overall indication of the problems and complications the property may have, if any. This is a crucial process as this allows the buyer to understand the property's current state and potential.

Our team of experienced and dedicated individuals who are attentive in the current market focus on getting the best value for money.

With a large network of property specialists, our team will ensure the client has efficient sources in different services such as surveys, finance and conveyancing to help meet their expectations.

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Why The UK?

Business leaders looking for expansion try tapping European markets which have showed signs of accelerated growth. Investing n Europe allows companies to access EU markets without any trade barriers and the necessary workforce and resources that are needed to achieve long term success are readily available.

The UK is the leader of foreign investment in Europe. The UK is a hotbed of activity for foreign investment in Europe, especially from American companies. The UK offers vast business opportunities for investors. Low labor costs and high returns make it an attractive investment destination.

The UK's diverse economy is the perfect location for businesses to explore their international business potential. The UK is the second largest exporter of commercial services and the seventh largest exporter of merchandise. All these factors make it the hotspot for foreign direct investment.

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The UK Real Estate Market

Over 3.5 million new homes will need to be built in England over the next 15years. The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and also has one of the fastest growing migrant populations as well. There has also been an increase is single occupancy housing with the high rates of divorce and more people Opting to live alone.

Is the bubble set to burst on Land investment? Land investment certainly isn't a bubble waiting to burst and in these uncertain financial times it is still likely to appeal to investors looking for a safe home for their funds. Furthermore, if the economy does become more unsettled, investment land always has a substantial attraction to investors,resulting from its security as a capital asset. Investment land's resistance to inflation and tangible nature should ensure investment land for sale remains in strong demand.